Pool Renovation – North Shore

French Provincial Style Pool Renovation

“The finish of the travertine coping is second to none. I have never seen it finished so well.” Mark from Pebblemasters

From tragic to elegant!

For this pool renovation our brief was to unite the pool area with the French Provincial style of the home. Our client desired French pattern paving but given the size and shape of the area a larger stone format was recommended. 20 pieces of travertine were sourced and brought to site to assess the benefits of a larger stone…which was then agreed as the only way forward.

The relationship of the height of the substrate concrete of the pool area was higher than the floor levels of the home which required specific drainage solutions to be installed and pool overflow pipes to be integrated into the plumbing of the pool. This particular measure ensured the pool never overflowed into the new timber floors of the home.

Coping was installed as the natural square cut of the stone and bull-nosed insitu post installation. This is a preferred method of bullnose coping installation for all free form shape pools.


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