Pool paving – kidney shape pool

Kidney Shaped Pool Killarney Heights

Pool renovation

The brief was simply … what can you do with this?

An exhaustive project over 11 weeks that took this pool from puddle surrounded by grass and disconnected from the home to an integrated living area attached to the home.

The pool was a classic 70s pebblecrete coping and interior. Being only partially in-ground, the outer ground area by the pool was wasted space. We suggested to deck this area to create more space and contrast the travertine paving. The filtration was moved from this area to under the main house service area and out of site.


Aside from the challenges of an eliptical 1m wide coping and designing a suitable peripherally paved pool area to complement/enhance the entire pool area, it also needed to link with the house and rear deck.

During the course of this renovation, garden retaining walls were replaced for future glass balustrading and boundary fences were altered. Based on trust theses additional areas were completed by PavePro. It is sometimes the case that jobs blow out as challenges are presented and solved and client relationships and trust are built. A great outcome was achieved and it was with a sense of sadness that we moved onto the next job!


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