A complete pool renovation

This project featured everything that could go wrong with an aging pool.

  • Spalling (concrete cancer) in the concrete shell
  • Poor filtration
  • Skimmer box in the wrong position
  • Subsidence around the pool.

This pool was a frog waiting to be turned into a Prince Charming.

The pool needed love

After repairing the extensive concrete spalling, we applied ourselves to delivering a new pool with as many modern features as feasible. New travertine coping, fully tiled interior (Leyla Balmoral tiles), membraning, epoxy grout and new poolside concrete substrate and drainage outlets. Attention to the concrete connection to the pool and suitable piering prevents future subsidence. The travertine tiling is in a french pattern. Heating is provided via Evo electric pump while filtration is assisted by the Jetvac floor cleaner connected to a new Magna Chlor filtration system.

An amazing result that the client should enjoy for years to come.

And the detail.

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